Hatfield, Massachusetts
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Over the winter I had some body work done by Diamond RV in Hatfield, MA. I had also given them a list of other things that I wanted to get accomplished while my rig was in the shop.

The first person I dealt with understood what needed to be done and assured me that all would be taken care of. Upon going to pick it up, I found that the body work was done pretty well. Everything else had not been addressed or completed. Having paid out $6500.00, I wasn't incredibly pleased.

The one major thing was that my Aux start was not working. When I called, the gentleman told me that he forgot to tell me that it needed a part that had not come in yet. As far as the other requests that I had asked, he said, "Oh... I thought all that stuff was done." He reported he would take care of everything once the part came in for the Aux start.

I waited a couple... few weeks and called. Asking for the person, I was told he "was not in". A month after that I was forwarded to another person who let me know that he had been fired.

She was an upgrade in personality and quality at first sight. I brought my rig in once again making the hour trek to Hatfield... this time feeling confident that everything would get done. Upon picking it up, I was assured that everything worked out good and gladly paid them another $1600.00 for the peace of mind that our travels would be fine.

I tucked my rig back into storage until school got out and have used it the last 2 weekends. Out of a list of 12 things... 6 of them had been complete. I unfortunately was in a position where I had to use my Aux start...

it didn't work. I had someone look at it and no work had been done on it. The "part" that they had ordered and charged me 4 hours of labor on?? It was on the front seat of my rig when I picked it up.

I asked about it and she told me that "it must be the one they took out". I said, "are you sure...this thing looks awful shiny to be a bad part" Of course I took her word for it. I just spoke with her on the phone and she reported that she trusts that what her workers said they did was complete... and that she checked some of the work herself.

She is a good girl... they are very nice people. However, they charged money that they did not complete work on. They took advantage of a consumer that knows very little about mechanics.

What I do know is that it is now a trust issue. I always trust people until they give me a reason not too.

For these reasons, I would recommend that if you do have work done there, figure out a way to go through each issue that you want fixed when you go to pick it up.

I got robbed... I hope you have a better experience

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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