Louisville, Kentucky
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I purchased a new Montana 5th wheel at 55K and recently went in for a trade towards a used class c. I owe nothing on the 5th wheel and it was only used twice.

So I ask what is the selling price of the used class c. Salesman stated 64K, now book value is only at 43ish and needs cosmetic work. So i explain to him that I could purchase a new class c at that price. So he's off to the managers office and comes back with a 14k difference between my trade and the class c.

Basically I advised them that they loose their local cutomers due to the number games they play and horrible service. So to sell a used unit and ask MSRP for the unit which is a 2004 is an insult to a buying customer. Second issue is the warranty repairs yes repairs......you would think an almost 60k new unit would be ready to use. Fridge stoppped working the second time of camping and the inverter fuses were never plugged back in.

Found out after winterizing unit when battery went dead. So used the unit only twice they had it for a month for the fridge repair and also left unit unlocked on lot so general public could have accessed at any time.

Monetary Loss: $58.

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Boy that doesn't sound like I would look at Diamond for my camper...thank you for the comments !


This is Diamond RV In Kentucky Not Diamond RV In Massachusetts. Read The top for the Location.


Seems to be the norm over there!