Newtown, Connecticut
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had an electrical fire on my class a i bought from them and had it towed back to them for repair, after 3 months they delivered it to me in December, i never used it but was starting it monthly, in June the check engine light came on so i shut it down and went to the rear to check the fluids and the trunk lid hinges broke (they just replaced) to date i am still trying to fix it and ave had a few diesel mechanic come to look and all say they did not fix all the burt wires and its shorting out the ecu.they were paid over 12k to do the work.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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hard to take your review seriously. Awful grammar and spelling.

Writing that must have been tough for you.

I can understand why you may have been an easy mark for them. Just sayin.


This type of comment is not helpful. Not everyone is as perfect as you. He still has a legitimate complaint.